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i want it because i need to pay for commisions :D

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If I asked for permission on the tribute for you, then read this, it might interest you.


first question everyone makes: What are you going to use then for?
well, megaman LR (at least the part that includes people's robot masters) is my childhood dream that i want to come true. When i first played a megaman game (megaman 3 in my case) i fell in love with the game. after i played other megaman games, and started to actually get to the robot masters, i started to draw they on a paper, and after that, kinda do "robot master battles" with then. i would like, draw cutman throwing his scissor while gyroman tried to defend himself. I aways wanted to play a game like that. I started to create my dream game since my childhood, and now i know whati need to make it become reality. When i discovered Deviantart and saw the custom robots people made i was like O.o
i used to say that people like :iconspdy4: , :iconcoyotepack: , :iconblackhook: and others where "gods of spriting", cuz all i knew what to do was color megaman another color .-. 
i started to colect people's sprites in my computer, and make the same robot master battles from before, but with actual sprites. I still have some of then saved
when i met megaman 7 fc with his easily editable graphics, I started to do sprites by myself  on this (you have no idea how magic is to actually fight against your own creation in a game, to see that it works). then i met Y, and we created this account for this purpose .-. yep, the only purpose this DA account exist is to ask permission to people on their robots .-. well, now you know a bit of my story with megaman .-.
the tribute i'm going to make is the same for everyone:
--if i make the game--
1: a playable version on the bonus vs arena (my dream ;-;)
2: a pixel art with information about the robot (like megaman & bass CD data), including the designer (your DA acount or other)
3: MAYBE a cameo on the main story on a cutscene or as an NPC
--if i don't make the game (most probable)--
1: the complete playable sprite sheet from the vc arena
2: the pixelart from the gallery

ok, so...this is a list of people that allowed me to make a tribute to their robot master on megaman LR.
:iconcoyotepack: = allowed
:iconspdy4: = allowed
:iconblackhook: = allowed
:icongamewatch10: = allowed
:iconx-absolutegambit-x: = allowed
:iconnetgreen123: = allowed
:iconboberatu: = allowed
:iconcrossovergamer: = allowed
:icongauntlet101010: = allowed (megaman PC sprites)
:iconbaryltdf: = oilman and timeman for now
:iconmaelstormm: = unknown
:iconhfbn2: = allowed
:iconsebamkfan: = allowed
other/fan games--------
eric ruth (megaman rocks) = allowed
GoldwaterDLS (megaman rock force) = unknown
king_soutuku (rokko-chan) = unable to contact 

if i had asked permission for you, and you name isn't here, tell me. otherwise you will be left behind.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
this account have 3 different owners:
Y = he created this account and posted most of the stuff
foxy = a girl that once tried to post stuff, she only occasionaly chat with people now
me = he made a few sprites and most of the drawing in this account :P


it's sad to see that my last deviation was like, a year ago o-o need to get back to do things, i forgot that there are people that like my stuff

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